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Veterinary Diuretics

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Giving Animals the Care They Deserve

Finding and administering the right diuretic medications that animals need to live a healthy life shouldn’t be a hassle. At SaveWay, we understand that some pets have more specific needs than others, which is why we offer custom medications suited to specific conditions, weights, flavor preferences and more.

At SaveWay, our goal is to ensure pets get the care they deserve. We’ll help you find the solution you need — customized exactly to each animal’s specific needs, down to preferred form of administration. We offer:

Experts with 20+ Years of Experience

Experts with 20+ Years of Experience

Fastest Shipping in the Industry

Fastest Shipping in the Industry

Domestic & Exotic Pet Medications

Domestic & Exotic Pet Medications

Highly Customizable Treatment Options

Highly Customizable Treatment Options

Various Dosage Forms in 50+ Flavors

Various Dosage Forms in 50+ Flavors

Total-Care Customer Service

Total-Care Customer Service

Most Common Veterinary Conditions Requiring Diuretics

Diuretics are substances that are used to treat edema (a swelling caused by excess fluids in the body’s tissues) — a common symptom of various conditions. They work by promoting urine production in the body.


Edema is another term for swelling caused by excess fluid accumulation trapped in the body’s tissues. Edema can be a symptom of conditions like:

  • Heart disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Bladder disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Liver disease
  • Trauma (primarily head trauma)
  • Glaucoma
  • Certain types of cancers
  • The most common symptoms include:
    • Swelling
    • Shortness of breath
    • Coughing

    Treatment Made Easy With SaveWay

    Edema can be easily managed with the proper diuretics. With SaveWay, your options range from liquids, mini tablets, treats, transdermal gels and more, helping animals and their owners have a smoother medication administration experience.

    Explore our veterinary diuretic medication forms available to help manage edema.


    Congestive Heart Failure

    Also known as a “water pill”, this medication is used to decrease water retention and swelling in the body through increased urine production.

    Administration Options
    • Liquid
    • Capsules
    • Tablets
    • Treats
    • Transdermal Gel


    Torsemide helps treat fluid retention by causing the kidneys to excrete excess water and salt.

    Administration Options
    • Liquid
    • Capsules
    • Mini-Tablets
    • Treats

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is veterinary compounding and why should I choose this option for my pet?

      Veterinary compounding is the preparation of unique formulations of medications to fit different animals’ specific needs and preferences for administration. Commercially available medications may not have the correct dosage or formulations to suit specific conditions and that’s why we offer compounded medications to help.

    • What are diuretics and why might certain animals need them?

      Diuretics, sometimes called “water pills”, are substances that promote the body to get rid of excess water. They do this by promoting an increase of urine. Certain animals may suffer from a condition that causes their body to retain water, which can be best treated with the proper diuretics.

    • Why should I choose SaveWay and how do I get started?

      SaveWay is a 503A compounding pharmacy that cares about animals, their owners and their vets. We strive to provide diverse and effective options for animals with many specific medication needs.  We consistently go the extra mile to maintain our Sterile Certification and our high standards have helped us be able to provide unique care for many types of animals for the past 20+ years and counting. If you want to get started with SaveWay, request a consultation today.

    • What type of animals do you offer options for?

      We offer compounding medications for a variety of different animals, such as:

      • Aquarium animals
      • Birds
      • Cats
      • Dogs
      • Exotics
      • Ferrets
      • Guinea pigs
      • Horses
      • Rabbits
      • Rodents
      • Snakes
      • Zoo animals
    • I don’t live in Delaware, do you provide shipping?

      Yes! Once we receive and approve your prescription, we ship out medications within 24 – 48 hours. As we’ve expanded over the years, we’ve acquired licenses to ship across several states.

    • What are the different dosage forms SaveWay offers?

      We offer 11 dosage forms, they include:

      • Liquids
      • Capsules
      • Mini tablets
      • Tablets
      • Treats
      • Transdermal gels
      • Suppositories
      • Topicals
      • Injectables
      • Ophthalmics
      • Otic Solutions
    • Why should I work with SaveWay over other pharmacies?

      Veterinary compounding gives you the necessary tools to provide pets with what they need for better long-term health. SaveWay is the only 503A compounding pharmacy in Delaware that prepares compounded sterile preparations, and we are licensed in multiple states. We consistently go the extra mile to maintain our Sterile Certification and our high standards have helped us be able to provide unique care for many types of animals for the past 20+ years and counting.

    • As a veterinarian, how can SaveWay help my practice better serve our patients’ pets?

      When you work with SaveWay, you’re able to offer your patients customized options for administering medications that they often can’t easily get elsewhere. Whether they prefer pills, liquid or something different, we’ve got you covered.


    “Very kind staff, always willing to answer questions with affordable pricing for all my dog prescriptions.”

    Patty Michaels Patty Michaels

    “So far, they are a great place to go to! I have only gotten one med for my cats (medicine compounded into chewy flavored pills), and they love it. Staff is knowledgeable as well.”

    David Roseman David Roseman

    “This was the first time I used this pharmacy for my dog’s prescriptions. The staff is both efficient and professional. They answered the questions I had and were always polite and respectful.  Their prices are very reasonable. I will definitely use Saveway again!”

    Kerry Inman Kerry Inman

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