Veterinary Compounding

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Pet meds made easy!

Veterinary compounding can offer easy dosage forms for no hassle, no stress medication administration.  Sometimes getting animals entrusted in our care to take necessary medications can be unnecessarily stressful and challenging. Large or Small, SaveWay can help support the most complex or simple care your pet needs. Whether it’s giving your dog a capsule or administering an injection for your horse, SaveWay can help customize solutions through a variety compounded preparations that are best for your unique situation. We can work with you and your veterinarian to customize a treatment plan that works for you and your pet.

Why compounding for animals?

Dosage Difficulties

If the form or dose of commercially available medications doesn’t work for your animal, we’ll work with your veterinarian to customize one that is precisely right for your animal’s unique weight, medical condition and temperament. Most animals run when they know you are trying to administer medication therefore we want to help you find a solution to make the process less stressful for you both. Our preparation options include transdermal gels, mini tablets, flavored liquids, oral pastes, chewable treats, nasal sprays, eye drops, injections and suppositories.

Flavored Medicine

Adding flavor will help your pet to take medicine more willingly. We use flavor strategically, either to complement the natural flavors of a drug or to mask bitter flavors. To ensure we have something that will make medicine more appetizing for your pet, we offer well over 30 flavors.

Unavailable Medication

If an animal needs a medication that’s been discontinued or is backordered, we have the ability to compound that drug in a personalized strength, dosage form, and flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Veterinary Compounding

  • Why compounded medications instead of commercially available?

    Commercially available medications are typically limited in their available doses and dosage forms. Compounded preparations at SaveWay offer customized medications for optimal care.

    Compounding also solves the problem of animals who balk at a shot, a pill, strong chemical taste or smell. We certainly don’t blame them, and who doesn’t like salmon, tuna, or shrimp? (We also have beef, liver, and chicken. Did someone say treat?)

  • What is compounding?

    Compounding is an art that’s backed by science and experience. SaveWay Compounding Pharmacy formulates every medication in the dosage and form that’s right for each individual animal. One size does not fit all!

  • Why SaveWay?

    SaveWay is the only 503A compounding pharmacy in Delaware that prepares Compounded Sterile Preparations, and we are licensed in multiple states. We consistently go the extra mile to maintain our Sterile Certification, just one of the many ways we excel to serve our customers. Our dedication and high standards for 20+ years make us uniquely capable of helping you take care of your animal friends.

  • What animals do you serve?

    Our animal patient population includes:

    • aquarium animals
    • birds
    • cats
    • dogs
    • exotics
    • ferrets
    • guinea pigs
    • horses
    • rabbits
    • rodents
    • snakes
    • zoo animals
  • How do I get started?

    It’s easy! Working with us is a three-way partnership: You, your veterinarian, and SaveWay.

    We give your veterinarian the power to treat the most difficult of patients by offering several medication forms, an endless variety of flavors and specific strengths for animals weight.  Having a strength specific formulation, makes it easier to administer and less stressful for the animal.

    -You or your Veterinarian can call for a Consultation

    -We’ll review lab results with your veterinarian for antibiotics, if a suggestion is needed. (i.e. Combining multiple medications)

    -Once your Veterinarian has written a prescription, they can contact us and we will call you to review.

    Or Request a Consultation here.

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