Autologous Serum Tears

What Are Autologous Serum Tears

Autologous Serum Tears are customized, preservative-free eye drops made from a patient’s own blood. Serum is diluted with sterile saline for the treatment of the dry eye. Because serum is composed of a complex mix of growth factors, proteins, antioxidants and lipids, it is more effective than manufactured tears.

Tears are a multi-layered film that protects and lubricates your eye. Naturally produced tears contain important vitamins and nutrients that support the health, function and structure of your eye. Research shows Autologous Serum Tears are a successful treatment option for improving tear film stability and subjective comfort in patients with severe dry eye.

Autologous Serum Tears are packaged in multiple small dropper bottles, each filled with approximately a week’s supply. The bottles are stored in the freezer until needed. Each week a new bottle is removed for use and the previous bottle is discarded. This ensures the efficacy of the serum and avoids potential contamination since the Serum Tears do not contain a preservative to retard microbial growth.

Autologous Serum Tears are prepared in concentrations of 20% to 50% depending on severity; 20% being the most commonly prescribed. Higher concentrations of 40% or even 50% are often used in extreme cases of keratoconjunctivitis and in advanced conditions such as neurotrophic corneal ulcers. The drops are usually dosed four times a day but can be used anywhere from two to eight times per day

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